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1. Name: michelle ng
2. Age: 15
3. Location: san diego, ca
4. Hobbies/ Interests: i like to eat and sleep like a normal person. during the summer i am freakin lazy. all i do is sit on the couch and watch tv and moves and eat junkfood. i also like to play guitar and listen to music. who doesnt. i play soccer and lacrosse because "i dont fight. i beat bitches up". just kidddding. im nice and innocent.
5. Pick three words that describe you: dorky, nerdy, geeky.. haha i dont know

[Favorite/Least Favorite]
6. Bands: switchfoot, yellowcard, millen colin, relient k, the postal service, third eye blind, the ataris, 311. i dont like metallica... or much of rap.
7. Movies: my sassy girl, american pie, roadtrip, the big green, the little rascals.. i forget.. i dont like the cell, silence of the lambs, or it. ahhhh
8. Place to Shop: pink zone, the closet, thrift stores, down garnet ave in pb. i really dont like abercrombie. its expensive and the clothes are getting quite ridiculous.
9. Foods: mexican food, pasta.. yummmmm. i hate cough syrup medicine. wont touch it.

[What was the last...]
10. song you listened to: Modest Mouse - Float on..
11. concert you went to: at the epicentre to see Beauty like a bullet
12. place you went to: cosco. hell yes that place is awesome
13. movie you went to see in the theatres and did you enjoy it: i went to see farenheit 911. wow it just totally pissed me off. i fell asleep but it was funny and humiliating all in one.

14. Dsecribe your clothing style: i try to dress cute though i bet my fashion sense is retarded. i wear jeans and shirts, and i loove pb dresses. but none of that towel stuff. wtf is that.
15. Pet peeves: those ugly towel tube thingies. no offense. haha. people who say they will call you but dont. lamb. and boys who are mean and use you. asians with totally blonde hair. sorry but it contrasts too much.
16. Your most memoriable moment: meeting jet li
17. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be and why: I would be carmen Electra because she is absolutely gorgeous with and without makeup. and not everyone can pull that off. haha.

[Opinions on...]
18. Bush: do not vote for this guy pleeease. watch farenheit 911.
19. Drugs/Cigarettes/Alcohol: smellly. i stay clean :]
20. Avril Lavigne: she became the "poser" punky princess then died. i dont know what happened to her
21. Trucker Hats: haha i have two but they are hitting the point of overration

Post atleast 3 clear pictures and include a 100 by 100 pixeled picture of your face.

helping with the trucker hat sensation... haha

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