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1. Name: Jen bo ben fe fi fo fen jen
2. Age: nine-teen
3. Location: the sticks, florida
4. Hobbies/ Interests: olde men
5. Pick three words that describe you: hyperactive, satanic, breakdancer

[Favorite/Least Favorite]
6. Bands: Pink Floyd. least: Hanson
7. Movies: Gia. least: ants
8. Place to Shop: If I had the money, Bebe. Least: anywhere in the mall
9. Foods: Mashed potatoes. least: sweet potato

[What was the last...]
10. song you listened to: The goodbye song on Blues Clues
11. concert you went to: Oh god "Big Fucking Day" over a year ago at shoreline amp. in mountainview CA
12. place you went to: Wal Mart
13. movie you went to see in the theatres and did you enjoy it: The Bourne Identity. It was okay.

14. Describe your clothing style: naked
15. Pet peeves: everything humans do
16. Your most memoriable moment: the first time I farted
17. If you could be anyone in the world,who would you be and why: johnny depps wife...duh

[Opinions on...]
18. Bush: I think it should be shaved
19. Drugs/Cigarettes/Alcohol: Yum, eh, Yum
20. Avril Lavigne: She always has this "im constipated" look
21. Trucker Hats: trendy

Post 3 clear pictures and include a 100 by 100 pixeled picture of your face.

too lazy to make 100 by 100
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