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1. Name: monica
2. Age: 13
3. Location: san diego
4. Hobbies/ Interests: taking pictures, drawing, writing, fun stuff
5. Pick three words that describe you: funny, cool, hyper

[Favorite/Least Favorite]
6. Bands: lostprophets, against all hope, underoath, saves the day
7. Movies: thirteen, mean girls
8. Place to Shop: forever 21, target!
9. Foods: all kinds of mexican food

[What was the last...]
10. song you listened to: brooklyn is burning, head automatica
11. concert you went to: there was 6 bands but i went to go see against all hope, yo.
12. place you went to: puerto peñasco, mexico. vacation!
13. movie you went to see in the theatres and did you enjoy it: the village. yes i did. we all sang to coldplay.

14. Describe your clothing style: jeans or a skirt a t-shirt or tank top. nothing special
15. Pet peeves: people judging your personality because of the music you listen to
16. Your most memoriable moment: being _____________________ that close to lostprophets and meeting most of aah
17. If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be and why: seriously, i quit thinking about that. saying i wanna be something else. i'm happy with who i am. even if i'm a complete loser at times. but it's all good

[Opinions on...]
18. Bush:ehh. i'm not really into all this politics stuff but i think it's stupid he's not letting immigrants cross the border just to get more votes... ehh. i don't know if that's true or not but if it is that's just wrong.
19. Drugs/Cigarettes/Alcohol: the only way you'd get me to take drugs is if it would help me out in any wayhysically, not mentally. ehh. i HATE smoking. i'm always around cigarette smoke and it always gives me a headache. alcohol. hmm. i like it actually. some stuff is actually real good. i don't do it on a daily bases though. only at parties or on vacation.
20. Avril Lavigne: her image is probably what made her loose all her fans. well most of them but some of her music is actually really good if you take your time to listent to it.
21. Trucker Hats: ehh. whatever.

Post 3 clear pictures and include a 100 by 100 pixeled picture of your face.

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