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fresh kids united

A Community For Making Friends
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Fresh Kids United [FKU] is a community for people to meet and get to know each other. This is not a rating community and anyone can join and become a member. This community is for fun. You can meet a person, get to know them and add them to your own friends list. In this community you can also share your thoughts where kids can give you advice and opinions or you can just post pictures randomly of yourself or anything interesting. You could get to know kids from anywhere in our country to someone from your own city. Everyone can be a member, but just so everyone can know something about you, fill out an application shown below. Feel free to comment or ask to be added to a person's application that interests you. Have fun kids.


1. No racist, sexist, or just plain mean comments about people or their opinions. If you dont like what they have to offer or have to say, just move on to the next person.
2. Be respectful to the moderators. :D Thank You.
3. When applying, title the entry "application".
4. Put your application under a lj-cut. [for lj-cut: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75]
5. Every week there will be a theme for you to take pictures of and share.
6. No nudity or anything that would gross us out.
7. Only promote another community once a month. We dont want this community to be filled with promotions. That would simply just be annoying.
8. Please enjoy this community

The Mods:

Julia - juliagooolia28
AIM SN - luckyconfusion28

Michelle - dorkyxthoughts
AIM SN - myxasianxheart


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Hobbies/ Interests:
5. Pick three words that describe you:

[Favorite/Least Favorite]
6. Bands:
7. Movies:
8. Place to Shop:
9. Foods:

[What was the last...]
10. song you listened to:
11. concert you went to:
12. place you went to:
13. movie you went to see in the theatres and did you enjoy it:

14. Describe your clothing style:
15. Pet peeves:
16. Your most memoriable moment:
17. If you could be anyone in the world,who would you be and why:

[Opinions on...]
18. Bush:
19. Drugs/Cigarettes/Alcohol:
20. Avril Lavigne:
21. Trucker Hats:

Post 3 clear pictures and include a 100 by 100 pixeled picture of your face.

[to post pictures: www.photobucket.com]




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